$12 flat fee plus $3 per mile

Scooter Squad versus cabs

  • How friendly was your last cab driver?
  • Did you get to choose the music?                           
  • Were you picked up on time?  
  • Did you have to leave your car in an unsafe parking lot?
  • Did you enjoy having to go pick it up the next morning after that headache kicked in?


We don't just hire drivers - we hire fun, responsible drivers to make the ride home a fun experience. It's your car - you're the DJ (unless you play Gangham Style or Call Me Maybe). Our reservation and dispatching system ensures we pick you up at the time we said we would. No more leaving your car in an unsafe parking lot overnight. It's there waiting for you the next morning. Once we figure out a way to cure that awful hangover we'll be sure to l

Scooter Squad versus drinking & driving

Well that's an easy one... a Scooter Squad ride is WAY cheaper than a DUI. Typical DUI costs exceed $5,000. Plus you can help ensure our roads stay a little bit safer.

Get the VIP treatment for less

Reserve one of our drivers for the night!  You and your guests can be chauffeured around in your car versus an expensive "black car" service.  Our driver + your car = a great combination for a fun night on the town!

Special Events

Football games, concerts, weddings, special events and more!

Out-of-Range rate: $25 pickup plus $3/mile(for pickups 5+ miles from downtown)

Game/Special Event rate: $30 pickup plus $3/mile

Service               To           From          Total Cost

Scooter Squad         $0               $21                   $21    

Cab                        $15              $15                   $30

DUI                        $0                $0                  $5,000+

based on a sample trip from Demonbreun to Green Hills